Plastic surgery Korea KIES-U Frequently asked questions

1) Is KIES-U plastic surgery clinic specialized in breast surgery?

KIES-U plastic surgery clinic is one of the most famous hospitals in Korea known for its breast surgery.
KIES-U plastic surgery clinic is especially well known for augmentation mammoplasty using cohesive gel implants. KIES-U plastic surgery clinic is well equipped with all the instruments and tools for various pre- and post-op situations, explanations and consultation.

In other words, KIES-U plastic surgery clinic maintains the best conditions to provide patients who are in various conditions and situations with the best results with such instruments and tools as cohesive implant samples for almost all volumes for size profiling, various types of pictures of before and after breast surgery which are systematically categorized better than any hospital, anesthesia instruments/tools for comfortable anesthesia and anesthetics for fast recovery, a state of the art endoscope by Wolf (a German company) for breast surgery, latest high frequency instrument and Laser for scar treatment, a state of the art suction for removal of accessory breast, etc.

2) Can a foreigner go to the clinic for surgery without a guide?

In the past, most foreigners used to pay fees to brokers who accompany them to hospitals. In many such cases, brokers were able to make foreign patients pay up to 3 times of the normal operation charge taking half of the paid money without the hospitals' knowledge because they were the only interpreters between foreign patients and hospitals.
However, nowadays, many foreigners get relevant information through the internet and visit hospitals without brokers. These positive cases are expected for more foreigners.
KIES-U plastic surgery clinic will provide foreigners with details about how to visit the clinic, have surgery and go back home if they send us online or e-mail inquiry.

3) What are the anesthetic methods there?

Breast surgery is operated with general anesthesia whenever it is possible. Surgery for eyes, nose, and wrinkles can be operated with twilight anesthesia. Injection treatments such as Botox and Filler, or surgical procedures like Laser or thread lifting and machine lifting are operated after applying anesthetic cream.
General anesthesia is essential in breast surgery to accomplish safety and better surgery results.

4) Can I have surgery on the day of consultation?

Many patients from foreign countries have surgery on the day of counsel. Patients need to have examinations for general anesthesia at a hospital in their country to have surgery on the day of consultation.

Patients can have eye or nose surgery without any examination for anesthesia.
Patients have to fast starting from midnight the day before surgery.
If a patient had food without knowing, 8 hours of fast is required from food intake.
Many foreigners who have breast surgery at KIES-U return home on the surgery day.
However, we recommend patients to stay one day more so that our medical team can have time to check patients' condition and provide necessary treatment just in case. 2~3 days of stay would be better for breast surgery patients.

5) I am visiting from a foreign country and need to come back soon because I cannot stay there long. Please let me know how to have surgery on the first visit.

It's better for you to transfer 10% of charge estimation to our bank account after e-mail consultation to make a reservation for surgery on the first visit. On your arrival with 8 hours of fast on the surgery day, you will do consultation with the medical team, the exact charge will be estimated, and basic pre-op examination will begin. Anesthesia and surgery can be initiated when the examination results are OK.
You go back to your lodging on the surgery day because hospitalization after surgery is not needed in most cases.

6) Is director Lee-Joo Hyuk the only surgeon in charge of surgery at KIES-U plastic surgery clinic?

Consultation and operation of breast surgery is done only by Director Lee and no other doctor is involved in breast surgery.

7) Does director Lee do operations abroad? 

Director Lee occasionally visits Mongolia and many places in China for surgery. People who want to have surgery in their places can personally get information about the schedule from us.

8) How long has KIES-U plastic surgery clinic been in business? How long is Director Lee experienced with surgery?

KIES-U plastic surgery clinic has been in business for 9 years as of 2014. Director Lee has worked for 13 years as a surgeon.

9) Isn't there any case of failure or side effects of breast surgery?

There is very low chance of having breast surgery side effects like capsular contracture at KIES-U plastic surgery clinic. There are only 2 cases of apparent capsular contracture since the clinic began its service, and besides, there was 1 case of removal of an implant, fearing of inflammation. The breast surgery principle at KIES-U plastic surgery clinic is to operate with the surgical procedures whose possibility of failure and side effect is the lowest.

10) What action do you take when side effects or problems occur?

Patients have to pay for reoperation when they want to remove or replace the implants simply because they changed their mind. Reoperations only due to the hospital's fault are free of charge.

Patients pay some part of the expenses for reoperations in case they need reoperation due to accidents or natural disaster. When simple treatments or procedures which do not require reoperations are needed, the hospital considers it an aftercare.

11) What if medical accidents happen just in case?

If a patient falls into a coma or cannot recover consciousness, KIES-U plastic surgery clinic immediately transfers the patient to an emergency medical facility designated by Ministry of Health and Welfare to take care of the patient first.

12) What should I do for breast surgery aftercare once I come back to my home country if I have to return home fast?

Breast surgery at KIES-U plastic surgery clinic does not need any treatment like stitch removal. We just check to see if there are abnormalities. Patients returning on the surgery day or the next day can get help from our counselor by taking pictures of the current condition and sending them to us via mobile messenger or e-mail so that our medical team can examine them to see if there are any abnormalities.

If you had surgery in need of stitch removal or dressing change, you have to visit a local hospital for treatment.

15) What is the warranty period after breast surgery?

The warranty period of breast surgery implant is lifetime. When problems such as contracture or implant rupture occur, implant replacement and reoperation are required in general, and the replaced implants are free and surgery charge is also reduced in those cases. Patients can be charged for expense to cover anesthetics and dressing material, and other drugs.

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