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Microthane implant refers to a breast implant made of Micro polyurethane foam. 
Only the exterior is different and it is composed to silicone gel 
just like any other implants. 

In the 1960’s the outer shell, i.e. the coating of the silicone gel, was smooth type. 
This smooth type shell was good in all regards for breast implants. 
It felt good, it was not expensive and was not complicated to use. 
but it had one problem, capsular contracture. 

With the rise of this problem, the manufacturers of implants 
came up with a new achievement, an implant with polyurethane shell. 

Microthane implant is composed of silicone gel with foam covering it.
When the implant goes into the body, fibers are made around the implant.
These fibers make the capsular contracture,
but these fibers are largely dispersed
therefore there is no thick or hard contracture.

The smooth type silicone gel implant that we usually use
can lead to formation of long fibers that make the contracture.
This leads to higher possibility of capsular contracture.

Microthane, i.e. polyurethane breast augmentation implant
can be a good substitute when you have problem
with capsular contracture.
It can be recommended by the doctors to the patients
who have much concern with capsular contracture.

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