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Areola reduction is done because the areola itself is large or wide. 
But there is a commonality in the patients who need this surgery. 
These patients do not have small sized breasts, 
they have large sized breasts or breasts that are sagging a little.

Breast is composed of fat and tissues therefore 
is there is much amount of fat or these tissues, the areola would be bigger. 
We need to think about this point. 
We need to consider if the proportion of the areola is good 
for the size of the breast. 
We cannot conduct areola reduction surgery just because you think it is big.

The very first thing we need to consider is how proportionate 
the size of the areola is compared to the size of the breast and evaluating 
whether they are cosmetically looking good or not. 
Most of the patients who want areola reduction surgery
 also want sagging breast correction or breast reduction surgery.

Sagging breast surgery basically 
means that we are reducing the outer skin layer of the breast. 
A good example would be wrapping up an object in a very old cloth. 
The cloth would extend in such case. 
How can you make this cloth tightly bonded? 
You would need to remove the cover of this cloth. 
Same applies to the breast as well. 
Such principle applies to sagging breast correction. 
Everything is based on common sense and so are all these surgeries.

Image of areola reduction

Areola reduction can be perceived to be very simple. 
There are some things that you need to do in advance 
in order to perform the areola reduction surgery. 
Why the areolas becomes large? 
It is because the breasts are very heavy. 
In considering this, the areola reduction would be most effective 
if you reduces the breast size as well.

It would not make sense to do breast augmentation 
and areola reduction surgeries together. 
Breast augmentation would only extend the skin layer surrounding the breast. 
Such extension happening 24 hours a day for 365 days 
would make the areola larger.

So it is recommended that you do not do areola reduction surgery together 
with breast augmentation unless in certain special cases. 
Also, areola reduction surgery can be done separately, 
but it can be more effective if you conduct it together 
with breast reduction or sagging breast correction surgery. 
In most cases, areola reduction is a sub surgery that is added to a main one. 
You should not think of the result of areola reduction as an independent one. 
You need to see the result of areola reduction together 
with another surgery as a whole.

Areola reduction surgery is easy to understand 
but it is not as satisfying as other breast surgeries. 
This is because areola reduction isn't an independently surgery. 
You need to consider this important. 
You might think that this is a very minor surgery, but it is not. 
Areola reduction surgery is not an easy surgery. 
One must understand the shape of the areola, 
the problems in the areola in order 
to come up with a good plan on how to conduct the surgery. 

Today, we shared some details on the areola reduction surgery.

Thank you very much.

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