24 hours Recovery Mammoplasty Breast augmentation Korea

24 Hour Recovery Mammoplasty is the most important concept of mammoplasty at KIES-U plastic surgery clinic and also gives this clinic the most distinctiveness in mammoplasty.

What 24 Hour Recovery Mammoplasty is, how this concept is realized, why it is important, and aftercare of 24 Hour Recovery Mammoplasty are described here.  

What is 24 Hour Recovery Mammoplasty?
Many people think in general that pain and discomfort from implants inserting breast augmentation surgery are inevitable and it takes almost a week of rest for patients to be able to resume their daily routine. 

However, it is true that mammoplasty nicely done with the right procedure allows patients to return to their daily life within one day without any pain or discomfort. 

Surgery is finished within one hour and patients are immediately discharged from the hospital, going home without wearing any suffocating compression garment or blood bag. 90% of the patients can perform daily routine the next day of operation.  

This is the concept of 24 Hour Recovery Mammoplasty.

Although there are many clinics advertising fast recovery from breast surgery, only few can mention breast surgery allowing 90% of patients to return to their daily life in 24 hours.

This is only possible for hospitals that are most experienced and verified and make ceaseless effort to study most recent procedures. 

In a survey in 2012~2013, 90% of the respondents who had surgery at KIES-U plastic surgery clinic reported to have recovered within 24 hours.  

How to accomplish 24 Hour Recovery

The core concept of 24 Hours Recovery Mammoplasty is "minimal detachment without damage." When making room for an implant, the size of the space should be exactly as needed so that tissue damage and bleeding can be minimized, thus reducing surgery time. 

Small incision, minimal detachment and bleeding, and shorter surgery time:
Only when all of these factors are satisfactory, post-surgery patients will barely feel any pain and discomfort. 

The more unnecessary space is made inside the body resulting from wide detachment, the more the body gets damaged and bleeding and also the surgery time gets longer. 

After completion of the surgery, patients suffer from pain and discomfort longer which delays their return to daily life. 

24 hour recovery starts with establishing an exact plan for specific operation procedure at a patient's first visit. 
Perfect planning prevents patients from getting suffered from surgery, allows smooth proceeding of operation, and reduces surgery and anesthesia time, accomplishing fast recovery consequently. 

Why is 24 Hour Recovery important? 

Capsular contracture and inflammation are the most common side effects of mammoplasty or causes of reoperation.
The cause of capsular contracture is not clear, but is thought to be the body's severe reaction to recover from big trauma triggered by operation. Surgery, therefore, should be done neatly and quickly to minimize the possibility of contracture. 

It is clear that having the incision opened too long in a foreign material (silicone gel) inserting surgery is not good. 
Invisible bacteria and microorganisms are supposed to be in the air. Breast surgery slit should not be opened for a long time.
The body is protected only when minimal slit and detachment is made as necessary and the slit is closed as soon as the implant takes its place to minimize the chance of microorganism infiltration. 
This is the reason why surgery should be done quickly.

The chance of various side effects of breast surgery will definitely decrease if 24 hour recovery is accomplished for sure.  

What aftercare is needed after 24 Hour Recovery?

Most post-surgery patients do not need compression bandage or blood bags. Massage, any special exercise or corrective bra is not needed either.
An extremely small portion of patients need massage to make more space for an implant. Almost 99% of the patients do not need massage.

A corrective bra is worn to prevent an implant from moving around in the room made spacious to accommodate the implant. 

Breast surgery patients with minimal detachment, therefore, do not need corrective bras. Up-to-date trend in modern breast surgery is not maximal detachment but minimal detachment as necessary.  

Let's summarize 24 hour recovery.
90% of breast surgery patients return to their daily life within 24 hours after 24 Hour Recovery Mammoplasty. The surgery takes minimal time and post-surgery patients hardly feel pain and discomfort. 24 hour recovery is the most essential procedure in modern mammoplasty as side effects of breast surgery occur the least when this is accomplished. 

That is all. 
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