Breast augmentation Korea - Types of breast implants

Breast augmentation Korea - Types of breast implants

There are many types of breast implants, Which is the best implant out of all these products?

There are two main divisions of implants according to what they are composed of.

First, is the saline bag type And the other is the silicone gel

Then, which of the two was first made?

It is the silicone gel. Silicone gel has the longest history. It has been in the market for the last 60 years.

Saline bag was used to gradually extend the breast skin. It can leak therefore, it cannot be used as long as the silicone type.

Why have we been using the silicone type for so long?

It is harmless to our body

It can be produced in many shapes

It is similar to the human skin

and it is less expensive

In such regards, there is no substitute for silicone yet

But, there is a problem.

Capsular contracture can be formed. It makes the breasts as hard as a stone

This is why we have the polyurethane implants and  textured implants.

Polyurethane net like structure on the surface of Silicone gel  forms polyurethane implants.

Surrounding cells enter the net structure that helps to control the capsular contracture incidence rate to be less than 1%

However, it was found that microthane causes cancer when testing on the animals, and its usage has been restricted since. In the meanwhile textured type was produced in US. Now we know there is no evidence for carcinogenesis of polyurethan.

There is still not enough evidence that textured type completely controls the contracture.

Polyurethane has resistance but it is expensive and difficult to use.

There is still no one right answer for which type implant to use.

Let’s talk about the round type and the anatomical (tear drop) type.

“water drop implant” is a term only used in Korea. The manufacturers call the anatomical type as “anatomical”.

The reason for its production is due to the natural looking shape.

In US today, many doctors think that anatomical and round type do not have much difference.

But one should not ignore the differences between the body of a western woman to that of an eastern woman.

Eastern women, especially the Koreans, have thinner body and thinner fat layer.

The implant forms the shape of small breasts therefore, anatomical type is more appropriate to the thin Asian women.

But if you already have large breasts or much fat then, there is not much difference in using the round type of the anatomical type

If you are thin, have small body and small breasts then Anatomical type is


If you have much fat in the upper body and have large breasts then There is no difference between anatomical and round type

Many are still concerned and scared about the implant ‘rupture’

This became a sensitive issue after the incidence in France with PIP.

In 2012, Silimed (Sientra in US) made highly crossed linked molecule that is high strength silicone gel and got FDA approval. This was a conceptual answer to the question ‘what happens if the silicone ruptures?’ that has been around for a long time. It was just that Silimed got the FDA approval the quickest.

It was composed of highly cross linked gel which did not leak although you cut it in half.

It was a great step forward regarding safety issue, but there were those who disliked the product due to the perception that it would be harder than the conventional soft implants.

They call this ‘gummy bear implant’ in US. Gummy bear  is an expression to describe form stable substance.

Some representatives of Gummy bear implants are

-Silimed’s round and anatomical type

-Mentor’s anatomical type

-Inspira and anatomical type from Allergen

Firm with less chance of rupture, leakage, change in shape

Great for filling up upper volume

Great effect on tuberous breasts, etc

Good option to prevent breast aging

Smooth type

Good except for capsular contracture


Contracture is somewhat solved

Micro Polyurethane

Definite solution to capsular contracture but makes your breasts feel hard

Saline bag

Good for correction


Provides natural look on thin women

Gummy bear

Effective for filling up upper volume

Many doctors recommend different types of implants

Then, which is the best implant for the patients?

The answer is, the one that a reliable doctor recommends.