nipple reduction - plastic surgery Korea KIES-U

nipple reduction - plastic surgery Korea KIES-U

There is a surgery named nipple reduction surgery. 
We can reduce the length of the long nipples 
or we can reduce the diameter or the circumference of the nipples as well.  

There are some patients who are born with long nipples 
therefore wanting to correct them. 
However, in most cases, the patients suffer change in the nipples 
due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and aging. 
The structure that supports the skin becomes weak leading
 to the stretching of the nipples making them look less attractive. 
Nipple reduction can be a solution for all the problems above.

Surgery method for nipples with large circumference

There is a method of decreasing the size of the diameter 
or the circumference of the nipples. 
It is similar to that of cutting a cake. We cut off a part of the nipple. 
After the incision, we would gather the nipple and stitch it up. 
There are many who question if there is no problem 
in the functionality of the nipple or any other side-effects after such procedure.

We need to go through the vascular tissue, nerves,
vessels in order to perform this surgery.
These parts are composed in the mid part of the nipple.
The vascular tissues, nerves and the vessels in the cut-off part
would obliterate when the surgery is done.

Therefore, you could lose some breastfeeding ability.
You would lose some senses as well.
Also, if there is no blood supply, there would be necrosis
which is something that is important to consider.
But there is no influence on the blood circulation
therefore there would not be a problem with the blood supply as well.

How to shortening the nipple length

As shared earlier, nerves, vessels, and vascular tissues
are composed in the middle. This mid part is removed while
the top and the bottom parts are stitched up
but there is direct effect on the circulation.

There is no effect on breastfeeding function and the nerves.
There might be some problem with the blood supply
but you can say that it is nothing severe.
This surgery can only reduce the length.
We cannot do anything about the diameter
or the circumference of the nipple.

Other methods..

Shortening the length of the nipple is like taking off a hat from your head.
We cut off the top and side of the nipple.
We apply stitching as if we put a lid on top of a bowl.
The more nipple you remove,
the more worsening effect you would have on the breastfeeding.
There might be some problems with the senses as well.
This would not be an appropriate surgery if you are expecting a child.

There are various methods of nipple reduction in the breast surgery.
You need to consider your physical status and future plans
when selecting the appropriate surgical method.

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