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Today, I would like to share about the recovery and post treatment of breast augmentation. There are largely two things to consider after breast augmentation. First, when conducting a surgery, there are some tissue cells and vessels that get damaged. Therefore, there might be some cell liquid and blood that come out. This is called bleeding and we need to take care of this first after breast augmentation. Second, we place implants during breast augmentation and make it so that these implants are positioned properly. Therefore, we need to make sure that the implants remain in that particular location after the surgery. 

First of all, we need to manage the bleeding and the inflammation that are caused after the breast augmentation.
We need to consider two things in this regard. There should not be any discomforts or problems and the good result from the breast augmentation must be maintained. 
This is something rather broad to talk about but I would like to make it simple for you.

What is swelling after breast augmentation? swelling happens after any form of surgery. Surgery requires some action on the blood vessels that results in bleeding. Such bleeding and the liquid that comes out due to the damage in the tissue cells gather around causing swelling. The reason why we put pressure on the surgery spot is to stop this bleeding. Bleeding is usually stopped within 24 hours of breast augmentation. We tend to invite the patients a day after the breast augmentation to check whether the bleeding has been stopped properly or not. In some cases We use drain in order to check on this. There are various methods to prevent swelling after breast augmentation of which the best one is to put much pressure. 

Treatment methods for inflammation and bleeding after breast augmentation
1. Usage of compression bra or pressure bra
The compression bra has velcro that you can use to make pressure higher or lower. Velcro can withstand water so that there is more convenience for you when you take a bath or wash up. But there are patients who suffer more pain due to the compression bra. 

2. Usage of pressure bandage after the breast augmentation
Pressure bandage with some elasticity can be wrapped around the parts of the body that we want. We can use the pressure bandage at the places necessary after the breast augmentation. But this pressure bandage can become loose if the patient move about a lot and it is difficult to wrap this pressure bandage by the patient herself. Patient would need some help of medical personnel. 

3. Usage of correction bra after breast augmentation 
Correction bra is actually used so that the location of the implant remains maintained. We can use correction bra along with another bandage to put pressure on the breast. The patient can control the degree of the pressure. So one can consider using this at the spot where pressure is necessary. 

We need to consider things to “prevent” and things to “manage for the comfort of the patient” after the breast augmentation. Therefore, there are different post treatment methods that we can apply. 

Cause of bruises after breast augmentation
The degree of bruises are different according to different patients. Bruise is caused due to the bleeding that is close to the skin layer. Bruises are usually caused at places where there are no pressure. Some bruises are not found during the breast augmentation but are found with time when there is bleeding near the skin layer. You would need to wait some time for this bleeding to be sucked in so that the bruise disappears.

Pain treatment after breast augmentation
All surgeries end up with some degree of pain. We need to put pressure on parts of the body to minimize the pain after the surgery. Too much pressure might lead to discomforts and more pain. But much swelling also leads to much pain therefore, we need to use bandages to wrap around the breast in order to suppress this swelling after the breast augmentation. If the pain to too severe for you to tolerate, you can take pain killers. We also use PCA for 24 hours under patient’s control. 

Fixing implant location after breast augmentation
We put the implant at the location that we want during the breast augmentation, but the implant tends to move any from this good location with time. The implant might also rotate around and in order to prevent this from happening, we need to fix the implant into the original location. The most used aid would be the correction bra but the correction bra does not put much pressure on the upper part of the breast. It can only put much pressure on the lower part of the breast and the correction bra tend to shift upwards. The high pressure from the correctional garment can be the cause of it shifting upwards, so we use upper band simultaneously with the correctional garment. We put same amount of pressure on both the upper and the lower part in such case. We can change from correctional garment to normal dressing as the condition or the status of the patient gets improved. We can also put more pressure with the upper band at the same time. If the patient thinks that the implant shift downwards, we can make the correctional garment tighter. There are different ways to control by case by case. Different types/methods of bras and dressings are applied to different patients.

Importance of annual follow-up visits after breast augmentation
We need to check on the status of the patient as she recovers from the breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation requires interaction between the implant and the human body. There are some patients with quick interaction and some who do not interact well in this new environment. One example of this would be the capsular contracture. We need to observe if there is proper interaction of the implant and the human body or not continuously.

Ultrasonic test after breast augmentation
We provide ultrasonic test as a routine to the patients. But we cannot say that the ultrasonic test is mandatory to take after the breast augmentation. It is like a customer service for me to provide ultrasonic test to our patients but it is for the emotional and mental relaxation of the patient and also for me to know that there is no problem with the patient. But such test is not actually required, because the doctor can visually see if there is a problem or not with the patient. But we want to know this accurately therefore we conduct the ultrasonic test.

Time for ultrasonic test in Kies-U 
In Kies-U, we conduct the ultrasonic test 2~3 months after the breast augmentation. But this 2~3 month is not something mandatory. You can get the ultrasonic test after 3 months as well.

Why is massaging left out in one of the post treatment methods? Massaging is not something mandatory after breast augmentation. Before the current development in breast augmentation, the doctors used many saline bag type implants that they perceived would need massaging in order to prevent capsular contracture. But this perception is proven false in today’s medical world. Massaging is done on those patient with very tight breast skin, or those who used large implant but the breast skin does not stretch. But we do not massage in order to prevent capsular contracture. So you can think that massaging is not something mandatory after the breast augmentation.

Today, we shared about post treatment and recovery of breast augmentation. Thank  you very much.

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