plastic surgery korea- breast implant rippling

plastic surgery korea- breast implant rippling

What causes rippling in breast implants?
How does breast implant rippling occur?
Is rippling inevitable in breast implants?
How to treat and prevent breast implant rippling?

If you feel something bumpy on your breasts after 
breast augmentation surgery is called palpability.
This is a symptom that you can touch.

Rippling is something that you can visually see. 
Rippling is a form of small wave on the surface of water. 

It happens mostly to thin people.
Palpability and rippling happen because your skin layer is thin 
therefore the implant within can be seen from the outside.
If your skin layer is thick or have much much fat, 
nothing inside your body can be seen from the outside. 
Patients who usually want breast augmentation are thin 
and therefore rippling is not a welcoming news to them.

There are two conditions to rippling. 
The first is how thin you are and 
the second is how much form stability the implant has. 

If a very thin person uses a large sized implant, 
the implant will be wrinkled when stood up. 
If you have a very thin skin layer, these wrinkles will be visible from the outside. 
The best ways to prevent this is 
to make the skin layer thicker or use small sized implant. 
This is why I always tell the thin patients to be not 
greedy about the size of the implant.

Rippling is not a dangerous side effect. 
But if it gets worse, it is very bothering and agitating for the patient. 
If you are fat or have thick skin layer, 
you would not have to be worried about this. 
But if you are thin and or have small original breasts, 
then you would need to have much concern on this. 
This is why I would ask you to be less demanding in the size of the implant.

Second method is preventing the rippling is to use for stable implant. 
Anatomical type implant is recommended. 
This does not mean that round type implant is all bad. 
You can choose to use high recharge rate round type implant if you want.

There are many solutions and not a few that I
 can share with you right away as the best methods. 
We can do the fat transplant by taking fat from your stomach or thighs. 
This method is less costly and easily applicable. 

If you want more of a perfect prevention, 
we can put a layer between the implant and your skin 
so that the implant cannot be seen from the outside. 

There are certain things that we can use for the layer. 
Like dermal graft (alloderm)
We can use it to cover the implant. 
This is more costly. 

It is widely applied in the US. 
Actually, cosmetic surgery in Korea is less expensive than it is in US. 
But the treatment like dermal graft used is more expensive 
than the procedure itself therefore if you add up the total cost, 
it could be burdensome on the patient. 

Another solution is to downsize the implant. 
If we can’t make the breast any bigger, 
than it is better to use smaller sized implant. 
If the implant used in the first cosmetic surgery was too big, 
then we should use smaller sized on for the correction surgery. 

There are many solutions for rippling effect, 
but there needs to be much communication 
between the patient and the doctor in order 
to choose the best method. 
Communication is always important.

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