inframammary fold incision [Breast augmentation Korea]

inframammary fold incision [Breast augmentation Korea]

You can find much information on the internet about various surgical methods but it is not easy for the patients to know what are the real important factors in surgeries such as in inframammary fold incision and what are some concerns related to it. 

This is why we would like to share some factors that are really important. 

Inframammary fold incision is the most basic incision method. It is the most basic incision method, but it is not an easy one. 

There are some doctors who say this to the patients, 'Inframammary fold incision is very easy and this is why most beginners perform it’. This is false. The role of inframammary fold incision is clear. There are cases where inframammary fold incision is a must and there are advantages, together with disadvantages with this incision. All incision methods have their advantages and disadvantages. 

The doctors must know this and all the advantages and disadvantages of all surgical techniques and objectively judge which method is the best one for the patient. So it is not correct to say which surgical method is easy and which is not. 

There is no simple surgery. Each surgery has some difficulties. This is the same for inframammary fold incision as well. This is why I want to share some fundamentally important factors in inframammary fold incision.

The attached video is an explanation by Dr. Lee Joo-hyuck (KIES-U plastic surgery Korea) about some fundamentals and important aspects of inframammary fold incision.

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