Breast augmentation Korea, 8 Reasons for choosing KIES-U

1st reason ; 
About 1500 cases Experiences and refined techniques
 for 7 years of tear-drop breast surgery.

You can’t find out a clinic which has been accumulating 
the techniques of tear drop breast surgery for long years. 

Because It is not easy to do that, but KIES-U has been doing it. 

Now we do have know-hows about every type 
of breast implants like microtexture, polyurethane.  
So patients think KIES-U is 
one the best clinics in Korea both in name and reality. 

We show no neglect of the study about difficult breast cases. 
When people have encountered abstruse problems in breast surgery, 
they get information about it through KIES-U.

Major breast implant manufactureres are getting 
technical consultation from KIES-U. 

2nd reason ; 
Detailed analysis of patients’ body types 
and accurate planning 

Patients who have got consultation in KIES-U always says ; 
I have never got such a careful 
and detailed explanation about my body type. 

We know the body type analysis has supreme importance 
for successful surgery since we have long years experiences

We have various plans for almost every different upper body  type ;
 that is, thick breast tissues, thin breast tissues, 
funnel chest, pigeon’s chest, triangular shape upper body, etc.   

For a successful surgery, 
the operation plans should all be different from case to case. 

3rd reason ; 
State of the art Dual plane surgery

Dual plane means the implant lies 
from under the muscle to above the muscle. 

The rationale of this technique is, 
to get the merits of both planes’ 
(under the muscle and above the muscle)  operations. 

If the implants lie under the muscle, 
the position of the implants is affected 
and the effect of augmentation is less dramatic. 

If the implants lie above the muscle, 
the augmented breast contour is unnatural 
and you will feel foreign body sense  because the covering tissue is thin. 

If the implants lie from under the muscle 
to above the muscle, the implant position 
will be stable and the breast contour will be natural.  

And the dual plane surgery has supreme importance 
for revisional surgery of capsular contracture, 
sagging breasts, tuberous breasts. 

4th reason ; 
Aseptic clean draping system 
and no-touch technique

Many clinics overlook the importance of clean preparation , 
despite it is essential to prevent complications of breast surgery. 

We are blocking the contamination of skin flora 
to the medical team thoroughly.  
The gap between clean draping or not is wide. 

And the possibility of contamination from 
the gloves, arms of the team is also being managed strictly. 

We use a special devices for aseptic insertion of the implants. 

The implants are not touched by
the operator during the surgery.  
It is called no-touch technique. 

The contamination during the insertion
 of implants is considered as a culprit of the contracture, 
which is the most serious complication.

5th reason ; 
Careful dissection 
and thorough coagulation. 

For an operation to be complication-free,
 the pocket must be dissected neatly, cleanly, and quickly. 

That kind of dissection procedure could be accomplished 
by know-hows from long years’ experiences. 

And the medical team should be skillful 
at several essential machines and instruments. 

KIES-U has been using the highest-level
 instruments in aesthetic breast surgery for long years

The surgery prices could be higher than 
the clinics using cheaper instruments. But for us, 
producing the best operative results 
is a principle which is uncompromisable.  

6th reason ; 
The first 24 hours recovery system in Korea 

24 hour recovery system is not a result, but a process. T
his does not means an overconfidence, 
but means a series of important technical choices 
for the best result of a surgery.   

Elongated operation time increases 
the possibility of contamination through the open wound. 
Which increases the complication rates and recovery period. 

The more stimulations during the surgery, 
the longer recovery time. 
24 hours recovery can not be achieved with provocations, 
and stimulations on the breast tissues. 

And the accurate preoperative plan is essential for 24 hours recovery.
 Implant size, plane, approach. 
Every planning has importance for fast recovery.  

7th reason ; 
The first “Real time monitoring system” in Korea. 

Shadow surgeon, operation room birth day cake issues 
had shocked many people in korea. 

KIES-U began real time monitoring system  
right after those issues for doctor-patient confidence. 

Family members of the patient can see the CCTV of operation room. 
So they can monitor the patient’s surgery sitting in the lobby. 

How could you do that?  People ask.  
We have self confidence of the surgery and conscience.  
And we hope that the medical crime 
like shadow surgeon to be disappeared soon.  

8th reason ; 
Concern-free after-surgery service system. 

Many people are concerned, 
what if the clinics or doctors ignore their problems after the surgery? 

We have flow charts of the complication maneuver 
to make our patients concern-free. We don’t just speak “trust me”

Why KIES-U have that kind of flow-charts for complications?  
Because we have self-confidence 
to solve the problems which the patients complain of. 

KIES-U is running after surgery system. 
Which is: pain management, Swelling management, 
Scar management, and touch management

After surgery ultrasonogram 
is one of the most important after surgery check ups. 
 We can see the implants and peri-implant 
spaces without any invasion of patients’ body.  

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