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Hello, everyone. This is Dr. Lee, cosmetic surgery specialist.
Today, I would like to share more about microthane breast augmentation surgery. It will cover about how we can use the microthane implant on saggy breast I don’t know if you can see the photo for sure but there are few things to point out about correcting saggy breast. But, before that, let’s look at how the saggy breast can happen to you.

Most women take interest on sagging breasts after pregnancy and breast feeding. The breasts swell up after pregnancy – giving birth – breast feeding, and there are ligament tissues that hold the shape of the breast.

Such tissue cells swell due to the hormone created during pregnancy and breast feeding. The tissue cells of the breast also swell up along. The ligament tissues are supporting structure for the breast. You can imagine them as being something that is put on a string and hanging up high. The volume becomes bigger and this string extends also. I am sure that all who have experienced pregnancy know that the breasts do change. After pregnancy and breast feeding, the tissue cells that hold the breasts contract. The breasts feel like they have contracted. The cooper ligament along with surrounding tissue cells would be good if they can recover its original state just like a rubber band but this does not happen and this becomes a problem. This is what happens.

The breast volume gets smaller. The volume is similar to the state before the pregnancy. However the structure tissues have extended and lost elasticity therefore they sag downwards. This applies the same to the breast skin. The skin has elastin and other components that maintain elasticity but all these tissue cells extend and do not come back to the original state. Sagging breasts or breast ptosis takes place. This is actually called glandular ptosis. The sad thing about glandular ptosis is that the upper part of the breasts loose volume. The position of the areola and the nipple is located in line with the inframammary fold. If the skin loses elasticity at this stage the areola drops below the inframammary fold. When you look at this from the front, you will not be able to see the white skin under the areola. We call this real sagging breasts.
This is glandular ptosis. In glandular ptosis, there is some level of elasticity on the skin but in real sagging breasts, the skin and the breast itself all sag down. Many women start to have interest on breast ptosis after pregnancy-giving birth-breast feeding and visit us. Most of these women suffer from glandular ptosis.

We try to use implants in order to improve on such breasts. But can these problems be solved just by using implants? We need to fill up the volume, we need to improve the skin elasticity, we need to correct the breasts to face upwards, and we need to fill up the upper volume. However, all these problems cannot be solved just by using implants. Then what can we do? We need to conduct surgery that pulls the breasts upward but this leaves scars. We need to conduct incision on the skin and this incision leads to scar. The scar does disappear with time but there are many patients who do not want such surgery.

If the breast ptosis is not so severe, let’s say it is glandular ptosis. We recommend using implants and try to solve this glandular ptosis problem. At times we can fantastically solve glandular ptosis and planetary ptosis by using implants but there are cases where the patients might think “why did I do this?” Less severe glandular ptosis such as this case where there is certain distance from the collarbone to nipple, upper breast loses some volume, but the location of the areola is not so far off, skin has some level of elasticity. We can see that there is some part shifted downwards.

At this state, we can use silicone cohesive gel implant and apply dual plane method. This would result in very positive outcome. You will be able to notice larger volume, better elasticity and may also feel that the breasts have shifted upwards.  But the implants also have some weight therefore, as 6 months, 1, 2, and 3 years pass, the implants tend to drop downwards. We use implants for sagging breasts but the skin supporting the implants cannot support the weight and become thinner as well. It is the same as putting stones inside a sock. With time, the sock would extent. Same applies to the breasts. Using implants may lead to larger volume but with time the breasts would sag again and you would think “why did I get this correction done?”

This duration for this change is different from one person to another. If the person had small sized original breasts, she may not experience much change with saggy breast correction using implants. There are many who are satisfied with the result even after much time had passed. But if the original breasts were a little large but the skin lost much elasticity, there is a possibility of that sock with stone effect that results in breasts sagging continuously and loosing volume in the upper part of the breasts.

The implant that you are looking at right now is the microthane implant. The polyurethane implant, as I have previously shared, is different from silicone type because it sticks completely to the skin. Some people ask “the silicone type also has texture so why can’t it stick to the skin?” The texturing helps with the stickiness but his stickiness is not effective enough.  The stickiness is very light, and the implant can be separated easily. This is not a stable stickiness. The polyurethane implants form strong level of stickiness as soon as it is used.

So in glandular ptosis where we need to fill the volume in the upper part of the breast, we can use microthane implant. This microthane implant sticks to the large rib right away and it does not come off. This implant does not put any pressure on the bottom part of the breast therefore no extension. The implant helps maintain the upper volume. With the usage of this implant, this becomes the reinforcement that hold the breast skin from dropping downwards. But, this can be applied to those patients who have enough skin elasticity. If the skin loses elasticity, we need to cut through the skin and conduct saggy breast correction surgery. And, whether we use the silicone implant or microthane implant, we need to apply the dual plane method.

This is all for today. In summary, there are many types of saggy breast. If you want to correction mid-level of saggy breast and fill up the volume, then microthane implant can be one solution. Thank you very much.

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